Greek 701 / Assignment 6 / 2007

1. We have noted in class how different
Anaxagoras’ style is from Lysias’. Here is an English passage for you
to express in Greek two ways: first, in the “loose” or “running” style
of Anaxagoras, second in the manner of Lysias. The structure of the
English is modeled on a portion of Anaxagoras, fragment 12.

As many of you as went into exile, both yourselves and your children,
Eratosthenes wronged.

He wronged the whole people so as for the people to be
disestablished from power.

He started by wronging the leaders of the people, now he is spreading
injustice more widely, and soon he will spread it more widely still.

The ones arrested, the ones driven into exile, the ones sentenced to
death–Eratosthenes wronged them all.

2. What is “Gorgianic” about Plato’s rendition of Agathon’s speech on
Love?. Make a list, with examples, of distinctive features of Agathon’s