Greek 701: Assignment 1 (2007)


Greek 701/Assignment 1
Conditional Sentences


Render the following sentences into Attic Greek. Before you do so, read Lysias 12.1-26 carefully for clues on how to compose them.
1. If Eratosthenes drives many of the citizens into the hands of our enemies, he will pay the penalty for all his unjust acts.


(future more vivid conditional sentence)



2. If Peison should not want to accept money and save me, I would die by drinking hemlock.


(future less vivid conditional sentence)



3. If Melobios makes false accusations against those who are doing no wrong, his friends apprehend them and take them off to prison.


(present general conditional sentence)



4. If Melobios made false accusations against those who were doing no wrong, his friends apprehended them and took them off to prison.


(past general conditional sentence)



5. If the Thirty were killing innocent citizens unjustly, no one would be speaking in their defense.


(present contrafactual conditional sentence)



6. Jurors, if my father Kephalos had not suffered dreadful injustices at the hands of the Thirty, I would not have attempted to instruct you about what really happened.


(past contrafactual conditional sentence)



6a, b. Rewrite sentences 1 and 2 above, substituting a participle for the verb of the protasis.



Synopsis: thuw, third person singular; participle: feminine nominative singular
Here is some useful vocabulary, with links to the LSJ entries via Perseus. Sorry about the absence of Greek font, but Perseus, of course, will show the entries in Greek, once you set up the appropriate font on your computer. (For information about displaying Greek on your computer, click here.)

Feel free to use other ways of expressing the sentences, as long as you check them carefully.


diken didonai