Greek 701 / Assignment 12 / 2007

I. For your final paper (8-10
pp.) please choose one of the following topics:

  • An introduction to the style of one author, with comparisons to other authors
  • The nature of the periodos in one author, with comparisons to other authors

The paper is due Wednesday, May 23.

II. (1-2 pp.) At the end of Plato’s Gorgias Sokrates replies forcefully to Kallikles’ criticism. Comment on notable points of rhetoric in the speech. In particular, how does Sokrates turn Kallikles’ words back on him?

III. Translate the following
into Attic Greek. Vocabulary should not be a problem. Concentrate on making
every connection as clear as possible.

Please double space, and please include a literal
translation of your Greek.

You say it is just for weaker to have more than the stronger.

I say it is shameful and unjust for the less able to seek to rule their

I think that if you did not enslave your betters by making unnatural

by natural law the strongest would rule, the weakest obey.