Greek 701 / Assignment 9 / 2007

I. Using as
a guide the Style

and K. J. Dover’s notes on Thucydides’ style, note specific instances
of Thucydidean idiosyncrasies in the assigned passage. (1-2 pp. This
need not be a formal essay.)

Translate the following into Attic Greek. For vocabulary cf. especially
8-14. Before you begin, decide how the various statements are related
to each other. Make these connections as clear as possible in your
Greek. Feel free to re-arrange and embellish the English; you needn’t
be strictly literal.

Please double space!

  • I could have said all these things simply.
  • I knew that most people praise most the speeches which they most
    easily comprehend.
  • I wanted to distinguish myself from everyone else.
  • I chose to express my thoughts in a complex and elegant manner.